Monday, December 16, 2013

december 2013 so far: tree hunting, bears + elves, and considering a name change

We've been so busy this month, in a fun way. I'm about 73% done with my Christmas shopping, and 0% done with Christmas day planning. :) It seems like Christmas came out of nowhere and suddenly it's time to party! I guess it helps that I was in the postpartum fog for the last 4 months of the year. ;)

The weather helped my brain make a quick leap to the holidays for sure. It went from this:

To the mid-20's in two days! My poor Texas roses were confused. And frozen. 

We had another first this month- our very first build-a-bear session:

It was a reward for good behavior, and I was thrilled they were all still young enough to enjoy it. This kid-growing-up thing is hard on a mama's heart, I tell you.

Teddy bears + little kids = sweetest combo ever. Even Zane got one. :)

Speaking of amazing combos, this is one you have to try:

The pretzel crisp is non-negotiable and the Ghirardelli puts regular almond bark {which I previously loved} to shame. You don't even need to dip the whole thing in the candy. :)

Did I ever tell you that earlier this month we went Christmas tree hunting on my in-laws' property? They were kind to let us chop down a tree and take it home:

I somehow didn't realize there would actually be dirt in the forest {ahem}, and of course wore the wrong footwear. I didn't want to get my shoes all muddy, so despite all of my weak protesting, Rob insisted on carrying me over this huge ravine:

I have it rough, I know. I'm thinking about getting my name changed to Princess.

We found a good tree fairly quickly:

It was so tall! 

And the story ends with us buying a tree stand, and getting home with a tree that would not actually stand up in a tree stand. After all of that, we put up the old artificial one. :P

At least it was still fun. :)

Last week, we had dinner by candlelight one night.

And 3 out of the 5 went for haircuts last Friday. I don't know why, but no one was super excited about getting a trim. They must get it from their dad, because I love getting my hair done.

Yesterday after church we went to the library and stocked up for the next few cold days. We've never done elves before, but our library had an elf-on-the-shelf contest so it made it fun for all of us. :) Noah and Bella spotted him:

And this little {not-so-little} boy keeps growing. :D I am planning to do a 4-month update soon where I tell you how much he weighs now... :P It's crazy.

We have lots more to squeeze in this week- I have a big to-do list building now that Christmas is only a few days away! :) I'm going to do a little more man shopping today and I think I'll be done! :)

Are you done with your shopping already? {I'm amazed by you if so!}

How has your December been so far?

Do you love or hate candy-coated pretzels?
I am not a fan of chocolate ones, but the white ones are my favorite! They are definitely part of my favorite Christmas memories! :D


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