Thursday, December 12, 2013

thrifty thursday finds: metal goods + flea market finds

Confession: I have little to no desire to decorate for Christmas this year.

I'm tired these days {4 months without a full night of sleep helps}, and when you have a small infant + 4 other homeschooling munchkins, the idea of putting out tons of items for 3.5 weeks and then having to turn around and put them up again sounds exhausting. 

We did manage to get a Christmas tree up, though. Maybe next year we'll actually have stockings. :P 

Thankfully, my mom helped me out in the decor department. We went thrifting on Black Friday, and I was in love when I found these vintage style metal trees- 3 for $7:

But I didn't want to spend the extra money so I walked away, and my mom was awesome and snuck them into her cart. I thought she was buying them for her new house but turns out she was buying them for me. :) Isn't that cool? She's the best. I think they are perfect on the dining table!

My other thrifty find that day was this little gold tree for 99 cents: 

I think it's a jewelry tree. I like how it's a little funky too. I added it to my kitchen window to take off rings if I need to. :)

And did I ever tell you about my metal B? I bought it at a huge flea market right before Zane was born. :D Anthro sells big metal letters for close to $100, but I bought mine for $10! It's a little smaller than theirs, but it measures close to 24 inches tall.

I think it works on top of my bookshelf-turned-display hutch along with my thrifted bird cage! :)

Oh that hot, hot day at the flea market. :) I was one day overdue, and we were hoping the walking would inspire Zane to come while my family was still in town. Here was my big belly the morning we went:

He must have been 9+lbs already there! Even that long day of walking didn't make him budge though. It took 9 more days!  :P

I find most antiques and other things to be overpriced at flea markets, but the letters were a steal after a little bargaining: 

And the rest was just fun to look at:

What do you think about flea markets? Do you ever find good deals?

Have you ever been to Round Top? 
I haven't but I would love to go. I'm really not even sure I can afford to shop there though. :)

Have you ever seen vintage metal Christmas trees? 
I feel like they should be vintage but they're probably Walmart circa 2001...

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