Thursday, January 23, 2014

the most important video you will ever watch

This is the most important thing you will watch on video:

Oh friends, I want to live in this truth. I so want to be what God wants me to be- His love is overwhelmingly good, and I am so undeserving of it. I love Him so very much. He is so very good, and  the more I know Him, the more I see how much I am not good.

Truthfully, the last few weeks have been pressing on me. My heart keeps going to places I'd never expect, in a hard {and good} way. I can only tell you from my own experience, but Jesus has been so very good to me to lead me to places where I didn't want to go, and hold my hand and walk me through it all.  I wrestle with fear and anxiety on a daily basis, but I know it isn't from God. He is so kind to give me peace when I seek Him. Every single time, He is faithful, yet so often I forget to do it. 

I want Jesus to be at the forefront of everything I do in this life. I am so sad to see how selfish I am, and how much I cling to my flesh and the ways I know and love, but I know that the things He has prepared for me are so much better than my silly plans and fleshly pursuits. I long to walk in Him in these few years I get to live, and oh, how I long for the same for you. 

Before we know it, our short days will be over, and what will we have left? It is on that final day that we will fully understand what Jesus has done for us. I want to rejoice with all my heart that I ran the race well on that day. Oh, that we would walk in Him and have faith in the work of Jesus on the cross while there is still breath in our nostrils...

Oh, friends. I want to give up all of this world for the pearl of great price. 
The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Matthew 13:44

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