Tuesday, February 11, 2014

thrifty dresser transformation with chalk paint

Over Christmas break I decided to be crazy and try to redo a dresser in my spare time, before all of my family came over. About halfway through this special little project, I realized my brain was obviously sleep deprived because I had forgotten just how long it takes to refinish a dresser by hand. ;)

A friend's sweet mom was moving and gave us this dresser last year because she knew it would be perfect for our house. And it is:

I've been digging the chalk paint lately, so I decided since the dresser was free, I would invest a little money in the hardware and paint! I went with Aubusson Blue from Annie Sloan:

When I put it on, I decided it was more blue than I wanted so I broke all the rules of painting with extremely expensive paint, and took out a $1 bottle of acrylic turquoise and added it to my paint bucket. It made it a tad more green, and it was good. :) Next time I'll be making my own chalk paint with my friend Hannah's recipe.

Here it is right after two coats and distressing, but before the dark waxing:

And after dark waxing {I have no idea whether I did it correctly, but I liked it}:

I liked the old handles, but with the blue I wanted something different since this will probably be the boys dresser when we redo their room. I didn't want to spend as much money as I did for the handles but the options in the size I needed were extremely limited and we were short on time, so I found both of these pull sets at Target:

I saved the old handles though, so I can always change my mind and move those industrial ones to the kitchen... ;)

After all was said and done, I spent about $65 in paint and handles for this project. Rob was extremely happy with the result, and I was too. It's a fun new shade of blue for our living room.

Have you ever redone a dresser with chalk paint?

Do you have a favorite place to buy cheap handles and knobs? {please share!!}

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