Monday, February 10, 2014

yesterday was one of the best days of my life. :D

I still have more items to post {hopefully tonight}, but something momentous happened yesterday and life was crazy {awesome} this weekend. 

These three loves of my life were baptized yesterday!! 

They celebrated their new life by showing the world that they were born again! :D

For those of you who don't know the story, my husband was saved by faith in Jesus almost three years ago. Hopefully someday soon Rob will share his full testimony on the blog here, but he was one of the unlost, and God opened his eyes and saved him, and He really and truly made my husband a new person.

Rob with our pastor
Our boys have also confessed Jesus as Lord and believed in Him for salvation and have decided to follow Him! They've understood what salvation is and believed in Jesus for many years now, but I think their hearts really understood their need for a Savior, and they repented and made the heart decision to follow Him this year. Oh, praise the Lord God Almighty!! :D

It was a beautiful, beautiful day and I was so thankful my family was able to be there to witness this sweet occasion! :D

thank you Kaycie for the pic! 
We have been so blessed to be saved. So blessed to know Jesus and to be in a church full to the brim of people who love Him. Oh, I can't say it enough- if you don't have a real relationship with the Lord Jesus, I pray that He will open your eyes to find Him, and I pray that wherever you are you also find a body of believers who genuinely follow God by faith in Jesus Christ if you don't have one.

There is a body of believers who truly seek God to be Lord of their lives, and those are the people with whom you want to grow in grace and walk through life! :) They will encourage you to grow in your faith and to love God even more, and to follow Him with all your heart. You were meant to be part of His living body! :)

It won't be long until we see Jesus, my friends. This life is but a breath. What will you do with the hours you've been given? Will you walk with Him, and live for Him? Will you trust Him?


Do you remember the day you were baptized? :)

What about the day you were saved? What brought you to that? 

Are you in a body of believers who truly follow Jesus in word and deed?

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