Thursday, February 13, 2014

zane is 6 months already {progressive pics}

Oh my goodness, I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old!! 

It seems like yesterday I was waiting to give birth:

41 weeks + {probably a good thing I didn't know he weighed 10 lbs!!}
And then he came out lightning fast, and has been a sweet blessing to our family for half of a year already. We have been given such joy since August 13! :)

12 hours old
2 days
3 days old
2 months

3 months

first thanksgiving- 3.5 months

4 months 

4 months
4.5 months
5.5 months
5.5 months 
6 months minus 1 day :)

At 6 months Zane:

weighs about 22 lbs. {larger than any of our children, by far}
loves to "talk" baaababa, dadadaa, hi iii, 
is almost sitting up
smiles and laughs all the time
plays in his walker
rarely naps
knows when his mama or daddy isn't the one holding him :)
wears 12-18 month clothes mostly- has grown out of all his12 month sleepers
rolls around to different spots
dances with his whole body when he's excited
is easily spooked by loud sounds
chews on his finger or the paci
cries for the gym childcare girls :(
is getting really heavy in the carseat
sleeps 12 hours {not straight} every night
will grab anything in arm's reach and knock it to the floor
hasn't tasted any solid food yet
hasn't been away from his mama for more than 4.5 hours in his life
makes life without him unimaginable :D

It's been a long and short six months, all at the same time. I'm totally hoping the next six last a while too.  I know this stage is all too short. :)

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