Monday, May 19, 2014

it couldn't have been better than this

If there were a way to choose the weather, I would pick this weekend's perfect temperature, lovely slight breeze, and gorgeous blue days. It was the best weather Texas could ever offer. :)

May, I might be in love with you.

We had a very outdoor sort of weekend. We drove around after dinner on Friday evening, and found this gem of a lake just in time for sunset. 

Who knew a pond could be so lovely in the spring? :)

The fish were biting. We need to remember the kids' fishing poles the next time we go because the fish were EVERYWHERE.

 I threw a flower in the water and look what happened:

God's creation is too crazy. The fish know what to do. The birds know what to do. The plants know what to do when the sun comes out. I'm amazed by our Creator.

Even the bunnies came out on the trail to show us His handiwork- this little guy wasn't afraid of us at all: 

I needed this Vitamin D big time:

We went to the park after church and lunch yesterday. We're determined to take in as much of this weather as we can. :D

The kids worked out doing hills and trails. I love their little red faces {which they totally get from their mama. I turn bright red when I'm working hard too! :P}:

While the kids played, I pushed the Zaner:

And blessing upon blessing? Free blackberries on the trail! {my favorite berry, by a landslide}.

And we finished the day with an outdoor dinner at our very favorite place:

I looked at Rob after we ate dinner and we agreed: we didn't know how it could get better than this while we're on this earth. :)

Oh, such joy I felt these last few days! I think the Lord must have known what I needed. I'm always amazed how His word is proven at every turn.

I saw His proverb come true for me this weekend: a joyful heart was good medicine.

How was your weekend? Is your May going well?

If you could choose the perfect weather what would you choose?
Hawaii. :P And if in Texas, this weekend.

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