Tuesday, June 24, 2014

mom hack: how we solved the toothpaste battle at our house

Here's how we solved the endless nighttime toothpaste battle among the children:

Four tubes of toothpaste = 1 per kid. And not one of those tubes belong to anyone. They have to share all of them. :)

It's been working!

In the past, either someone wouldn't share, someone wouldn't be patient, or the "kid" toothpaste was lost somewhere {where could it go? under the sink? in the dryer? stranger things have been found there!}. 

They say pick your battles, and so far I'd say buying toothpaste in bulk and using them all at the same time was a battle won. ;)

How do you do the toothpaste thing with multiple kids?

Any ideas on how to get kids to brush longer? 
I try to tell them to sing the ABC's 3x, and then they start singing out loud and spit toothpaste everywhere and laugh like it's the most hilarious thing ever. :P

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