Monday, June 23, 2014

what we've been up to for the last few days

A new, unwanted first happened this week: the first stomach bug in our family in over a year, and little Zane's first one ever.  :(

Apparently there's an evil bug going around that lasts for several days. :( Zaner mostly had stomach cramps instead of other symptoms, so I felt especially bad for him being so little and in such pain. It would come and go, and some days were randomly worse than others! Thankfully, he is finally getting better since yesterday.

So far it seems to be only affecting the littles- no one else in our family has gotten it. {praying that Lord-willing, we won't!}. 

It's so hard to see my babies get sick. I was thinking about it as I held him for all of those hours... what about all the children around the world who get sick and have no one to hold them and stroke their silky little heads? :(

I felt so thankful that my little Zane has a mama, and it made me ache and pray for all the little ones who were alone and felt like he did. 

And then I thought of all the mamas who have littles with chronic illnesses, and my heart hurt for them. Imagining having a baby in pain constantly, and not being able to do anything for them... oh, I need to pray for these mamas way more often. What an incredibly hard thing. And you know there are so many hurting families under this trial right now.

Even in sickness, and hours of holding babies on the sofa- there is so much to be thankful for- the blessing of health every day, the blessing of medicine and the medical help that's readily available, the blessing of a God who hears and calms our fears, for milk, pedialyte, and fresh water for the baby, for His gracious timing that we weren't all sick at the same time...

Maybe someday I will no longer be surprised by the fact that there is always so much to praise Him for. :) And hopefully by that day I will also remember that there is always someone to pray for at the same time...

Do you know of anyone we can pray for with a chronic illness today? Or any illness?

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