Tuesday, May 22, 2012

walking through the gospel: an introduction

I can't say how excited I am to tell you guys about this little project! :)

After I wrote this post, so much happened. I received so many emails from sweet people who really want to know Jesus, who want to walk with Him and truly live for Him. People who want to fall in love with Jesus, and not just go through the motions of Christianity.

I'm completely in awe of the work He is doing in all of your lives! The one, true, and living God- the God of Israel is the God of today- and He is accomplishing His work in the world today- He is bringing hearts to Himself, and displaying His glory among His people. Ahhhhh!!!! :D

I know that many of you long for that relationship with God, and that some of you are searching and don't have any idea where to start. The best and only place is in His Word, the Bible. We can't believe in Jesus based on what people say, or our friends tell us, without searching out the living Word of God.

His Word is truth and it's alive today- and we get to read it! Isn't that amazing??

Falling in love with Jesus is entirely possible when we get to know Him! But it's so important that we take the time to study and understand Him- and that happens when we read the Bible.

This is a human example, but imagine if you were dating someone and you told them you loved them and you wanted to marry them- but you were too busy to talk to them almost every day. You "love" them, but you don't have time to learn about them- what they did in the past, what they wish for in you, what they plan to do next.

How would that relationship really ever work? It wouldn't, right?

It's so much the same with God- falling in love with Him requires that we know Him on a deeper level than just by name. We have to spend time with Him every day- to listen to Him tell us all about Himself.

And that's where this project comes in! I'm so excited- we're going to walk through the Gospel together over the next 13 weeks! We're going to talk about who God is, who man is and where he stands with God, and how we can truly know the living God- through His Son, Jesus Christ. And it's all right there in the Bible!!

I'm praying this project will be kind of like laying the foundation for a relationship with Jesus. He gives us faith and love for Him- it's nothing we can do on our own, but getting to know who He is through His Word opens our eyes and splits our heart into a million pieces, and brings us to repentance so that we can have a relationship with Him.

It's so awesome. His Word is powerful, and so alive!

And we get to study it together for 12 weeks, here online! :D Eeeek!!! How much fun will that be? :)

I'll be giving you more details on the weekly topics and readings soon. Please pray for me, that God will lead me to write and speak according to His Word.

I'm thrilled beyond measure that He is our God, and that we can know Him, and even fall in love with Him. Praise Him for His Word and for His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Isn't He amazing?!!

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