Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what i wore this week {lovely edition}

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So I uploaded my iPhone pics and found this dressing room what I wore pic from a couple of months ago:

and I couldn't help but think three things:

1. I love Ann Taylor Loft's skinny mirrors.
{such things do exist- mirrors specially created to make you look leaner. I have many women to back me up on the fact that you love the way you look in the clothes there, and get home and think, "what in the world was I thinking buying that?!! It's going back." So crazy. I don't want the clothes, but I will take one of the mirrors, please... }

 2. I'm so blessed to have a husband who's willing to take my outfit pictures. {and even move to the right lighting or background for that day}. He's incredible, and patient, and wonderful. And his pictures are so much better than my cell shot. :)

3. I love the fun layers of winter, but wiww is way more fun in the spring with all the bright colors. :)

Although I'm a redhead, I love neons. I do. I said it. :)

Neons do not have to love me back, however. But I still try to wear them just in case.

It's okay, neon, I'll just pretend I have the deeply bronzed skin that goes so well with you.

The glowing neon top was $7 from Target, and the flower tank is an old a&f find, the jeans are from Goodwill- 7 for all mankind, for $7, and the wedges are Gap for $20. They are a newer purchase, and I've worn them at least 3-4 times a week since I bought them. I love a good pair of sandals! :)

So it's safe to say the winter clothes are officially stored away for the Texas summer. It's been 91 degrees here already, and sleeveless shirts are a girl's best friend on the hot and humid days. :)

This outfit was a bit pricier, coming from sale racks and eBay instead of the thrift store. I bought the shirt for under $20 at the Gap last year, the Miss Me jeans from eBay for $27, and the leather Gianni Bini pumps from Dillard's for $28ish on clearance. The bracelet was only $1 though! That counts, right? :)

And last weekend my mom came down and bought me a dress. :D

We did a little clearance Target shopping and found this flowy floral dress for only $8:

{and there are those Gap wedges again! :P}

Free, and navy with flowers! :D I love it! Thanks, Mom! :)

And then the casual weekend day:

... the same Gap wedges {all week long, I tell you}, $7 Anoname jeans from Goodwill, and a $5 Target shirt. :)

I guess I'm being a bit sentimental {you'll see why}, but I keep thinking of how blessed I am to have a husband who not only provides the money for me to buy all of these clothes, but even takes my pictures of me in them for my outfit posts. Ah, I love him so much.

And he loves me so much. 

What a gift that is! God brought us together to love each other.

I take it for granted so often.

Love is an amazing thing. And it's a gift from above, without a doubt.

I saw this video, and it just made me cry, because God is so awesome. And His love is so much bigger than we could ever imagine. It changes the hearts of His people.

If you have a chance, you should totally stop and watch this video. It's seriously the most beautiful picture of His love between two people today.


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