Tuesday, May 29, 2012

what i wore wednesday {the week o' the dress}

wondering what this series is about? read here to find out more… :)

It was the week of the dress...

ahhhh..one for the party:
dress: thrifted, $6 / shoes: Payless, $16 /
leather clutch: thrifted, $3, bracelet: j.crew , gift

two just for the fun of it:
dress: thrifted, new $6 / shoes: thrifted, $5 / belt: $8ish

and three to hang around on an easy Sunday afternoon:

What could be easier than putting on a dress and cute shoes, anyway? :D {don't answer that- pjs don't count! heehee}

In fact, I was so into the dress thing, I fell in love with this $26 dress at Target:

It's seriously cute. And soft. And the beading is sooo pretty.

I brought it home to try on and the hubs kind of didn't love it. He's not too in love about the straight hang of the dress- he said it looked a little like a potato sack. :(

So, I'm debating now whether I should keep it or not... I'm thinking it would grow on him, and it would be a perfect vacation/ traveling/ beach dress...hmmmm.

It's a big risk to keep it, since I rarely pay $26 for a dress. Especially a Target one. But it is cute. And he does love the other maxi dress I have... which I wore this week too... ;)

What do you do when your husband is on the fence about an outfit you love?

{okay, maybe more like the other side of the fence! ha!}

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