Monday, October 22, 2012

a birthday {week} I'll never forget

The last week has been incredibly full- in friends, in work, and in fun. :D I can't wait to share all the party details with you! {I have the best husband, friends, family, and mother-in-law ever! :D}

Here's a glimpse of what my living room looks like right now:

It was amazing. :D {and those are truffles hanging from the ceiling, by the way! crazy.}

So while I'm coming down off my sugar high from the last week of birthday celebrations, I thought I would share a few pictures from the last week!

We went rock climbing last weekend for half-price with a Groupon. My brother and his wife Cayse were in town celebrating their third anniversary, so we met in Grapevine to climb together. :D

Though we don't get to do it often because of the expense and distance, we love climbing with a passion. :D I think Rob was the most excited about the day...


I was a bit nervous since I hadn't done it in a couple of years, but I had even more fun than I did in the past! I even made it to the top! ;)

And the hubs did an amazing job climbing:

My brother joked I took the rainbow route, so of course I had to pick a rated one the next time around. On this wall, I only took the green ones {a 5.8}, and I almost made it to the top. :D The beginning of the route was the hardest- mostly pebbles. :D

After two hours, we were all toast. The picture doesn't tell you the whole story, but my fingers were raw and swollen: 

It was good that we worked so hard, because we enjoyed lots of yummy calorie-filled food over the weekend....

The hotel delivered this to our room for free: {love free cake!}

Then we went to Saltgrass Steakhouse where I enjoyed...

Chicken and bread. Yum. :D

The next day we went shopping a little too...

Can you guess what store front this is? It's one of my favorite stores I rarely shop at...

So it was mostly window shopping, but it was still fun. :) And I learned a lot {coming soon over on RooMag} from my trip... who would have thought to pair purple, blue, and orange like that?

My mom kept my kids for the weekend, so we picked them up on Monday. It was so, so good to get some quality time away with this guy:

He is really the best. I won't lie- he spoils me like crazy. :D 

It was most certainly a birthday I'll never forget! :D Now I'm trying to plan how to get through this week- we have another birthday, and I'm leaving for Allume on Thursday! :D More excitement to come!

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