Tuesday, October 23, 2012

husband's birthday= favorite recipes of all time + a gift dilemma

Today is my sweet husband's 33rd birthday! :D I am so blessed to see another year with this man.

the man himself on his first day of being 33....it looks good on him! :)
I realized recently that God completely, tangibly blessed me by giving him to me as my husband. God knows me so well, that He gave me a man that would show me the exact kind of love I need on a daily basis. It's incredible. Seriously. 

Thank you, God for my husband! I am so grateful to live life with such an honorable, kind, strong, and loving man.

It's going to be fun to do things for him today- he does SO much for me all the time! I'm excited to have a few plans up my sleeve for his birthday too. :D

We have a little birthday tradition around here- the birthday person gets to pick whatever they want to eat for dinner. Homemade, out at a restaurant- anything goes!

Knowing that, Rob requested two of his very favorite things I make: lasagna, and cinnamon rolls. :D

I'm excited to make those- it's been forever since I've made either one. The last time I made cinnamon rolls was for Noah's birthday. I think it's hilarious that they would rather have cinnamon rolls than birthday cake! :D

So the plan for today is to shop and make those earlier in the day, head out to teach my class later in the day {good thing considering I'm going to be enjoying lots of cream cheese icing... ;), and then I'll just cook everything that's been prepped already in the evening.

I have a gift that I bought for him several weeks ago, and then last week he told me he hated the thing I bought him. Ahem.

Does that sort of thing happen to you too? ha! I'm not sure if I'll take it back or not, or just go ahead and give it to him and then see if he changes his mind. Goodness. You'd think I'd know the man better than that after being together for almost 13 years. At least it was something he's never had before! ;)

So the other thing I know for sure he likes is movies. Sometime this week we are definitely heading out to see a manly movie. Any suggestions on good, clean, manly movies that are out right now? :)

Movies, desserts, lasagna! There's more birthday calories goodness to come for our little family!

Oh, and if you're interested in some caloric goodness for yourself, here are the very best recipes on the planet for lasagna and cinnamon rolls. They are what I'll basically use tonight. I've adapted them for our tastes {turkey in lasagna, and a slightly different tripled icing recipe}, but they are fantastic without modifications!

So tell me, what should I do? Take back the hated present today or try to find another one? Or just give it to him and then let him return it and pick out something else? I'm just not sure! What would you do?

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