Monday, December 10, 2012

gift guide for men {$35 and under}

I had a ton of fun making a gift guide for the ladies last week, so I thought I would share a men's gift guide based on things I know my man likes. :D

My hubs is a techie, but he's a handyman too. He's single-handedly remodeled the entire downstairs of our house so far. He's also very good at inventing things. And working out. :D {I like to tell him it must be because he has an amazing fitness instructor. Ahem. ;)}

So here are a few gift items he might want, use, or already love:

When we met, he got endless amounts of teasing from my dad that his favorite movie had the words princess and bride in it. I think my dad may have even called it the princess diaries once or twice. But Rob stuck to his guns, and still proudly admits his favorite movie of all time is:

And with "fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles..."

I have to admit, it's the best movie ever. :D

Headphones are also at the top of his wish list- he loves to listen to the Bible and audiobooks while he remodels our.entire.home... ;)

$5.58 with really excellent reviews, and they come in lots of colors! {also apparently, they were recommended by Consumer Reports!}
And this may or may not be what I'm getting the hubs for Christmas. {don't tell!} It's a table top set that makes any table into a ping pong table. :D I'm excited about this one too!

We saw this over at Restoration Hardware, and he fell in love with this:

Here is a slightly less stylish Amazon version for $12.93 shipped.

And both my husband and my brother profess great love for their comfortable zipped fleece jackets. I know why- I love them too! They are perfect for wearing around the house all day:

And I mentioned that Rob loves to listen to books while he does house repairs... this year he mentioned he would love to listen to this audio book again:

{That book is amazing- I think it's good for every Christian to read! It's a fictional work of letters written between the ranks of the demons as they work on Christians. It really makes you think!}

And you know every guy needs another flash drive! This one is special because it's crazy tiny:

And if the man on your list works out, he really might like this blender bottle my husband LOVES:

It's the only "glass" my hubs uses every day. ;)

And I loved this classic Timex. If I didn't just buy him a watch, I would totally buy this for him this Christmas:

{It was selling for much, much more on the J. Crew website a year ago!}

And while the last gift definitely does not qualify to be exciting, I think every man loves a great pair of super comfortable socks that will last {comfort is always the #1 priority for most guys I know!}:

What kinds of gifts does your guy love? Would you say comfort is at the top of his list too? :D

{p.s. the amazon links above contain my affiliate information, so that if you should decide to buy those items, {bh} will get a small percentage! yay for affiliate programs!}

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