Wednesday, February 20, 2013

continuing to praise in the valley {an update}

They added more pictures to my nephew Jacob's memorial website last week- you can check them out here.
This one was my favorite after they told us the story of how Jake did a hilarious speech at school on why he and Barbie couldn't get along:

And oh my goodness, I am so blessed by my sister-in-law Christy- she wrote this post this morning on her blog and you just have to go and read it all. Here's a little of what she said:

Reading my last post - about my brave little girl and how she belongs to my God... Knowing with all of my heart that God has purpose much greater than I can imagine in all that has taken place... it is still so hard for this momma heart in me to believe it is real.

My boy.
My 15 year old son...
My first born...

Well, he is resting - free from sin and pain and burdens. He is in Heaven with my Jesus, and my momma.

But, yet I am here. I am hurting to the depth of my soul this morning. As my body is racked with pain and my soul is crying out to God Most High for comfort... I am telling my God that He is worthy.

Even in the unknown- in scary situations like seizures and MRI's, even in this valley, she continues to praise God. I cannot tell you how much this makes my heart glad. Oh, God is good. 

If you can, would you hop over to her blog and leave a comment to encourage her heart today as she's walking through this? And would you continue to pray that his family would feel His comfort and that He would be so tangibly present to Christy, holding her close as she aches for her sweet boy?

Thank you! Much love to you sweet friends!

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