Thursday, July 11, 2013

$19 thrifty outfit: urban outfitters, steve madden, and fossil

Since we had a chance to go out on a date or two last weekend, I got to wear some of my newer GW finds again! I was so excited when I found this dress at Goodwill for $4.99 a few weeks ago:

When I thrift, so many times there is some quality about an item that makes me pick it up and know it was pricey- usually something about the fabric weight and the unique design really stand out. It just feels high quality, you know?

That's what happened with this dress- I picked it up, tried it on, and really liked the way it felt and fit. I didn't know the brand, but I found the dress itself very easily on the internet- it's Ecote from Urban Outfitters, and the dress was originally $69! :) Ahh, it's so much fun to nab an UO dress for less than 10% of the original price!

I added my $1.99 GW earrings, a $1.99 GW/Target belt, and a $4.80 bird necklace from Forever 21:

And finished it with my Fossil leather bag {$26/GW, a return so it's not perfect} and $4.99 Steve Madden leather t-straps from {where else?} GW:

But of course, I can't forget the best {and most expensive} accessory I'm sporting with every outfit these days.... heheh:

That massive baby bump. It definitely changes the way my dress looks on me. ;)

I figure I should enjoy it while it lasts though- in just a few short weeks everything {including my clothing choices} will change!  :)

Total outfit cost: $18.76 {before the purse}

Have you ever bought an item you just really liked and found out later it was really expensive?

Does your GW have Target and/or Fossil surplus items?

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