Wednesday, July 10, 2013

homemaking hack #8 : easy, meaningful DIY Scripture art

I shared this verse a few weeks ago after we got back from Hawaii:

And the sky in the background of that graphic was actually the sky I saw when I read that verse and God just kind of smacked me over the head with it. You know how that happens sometimes? You've read the same passage a thousand times before, but all of the sudden the Holy Spirit gives a new meaning to those Scriptures? Oh, I seriously love it when He does that!!

I took a picture of the verses in my Bible with my cell phone so I could remember that moment- being in the sky, remembering God's majesty and seeing just HOW big the east is from the west:

And I wrote about it here last month, but the other day I was looking for photos to print for my gallery wall, and I saw that picture of the verses again. It hit me- my wall art doesn't need to be fancy- it's more important that it is meaningful, and it's worth so much more to me to remember a special moment in time with the Lord! {and what a privilege it is to know His Spirit! ahhhh!}

I printed out that moment in time- and it didn't need to be custom made in Photoshop with special graphics or anything else. It's straight from my favorite Bible, taken on my cell phone, at the moment God was sharing Himself with me:

I've never recorded a moment like that with my cell phone- in fact it seems weird that I did, but I'm so very glad I took a snapshot of it. Every time I see the picture now, I remember the Holy Spirit's presence, and where I was at that very moment- actually in the heavens, 38,000 feet above the earth- seeing how big God is and how small I am, and how I don't deserve what He has done for me.

It's not amazing or perfect wall art by any means, but no hanging decor from Marshall's or IKEA could ever stand a chance against my $2 8x10 in a plain frame. :) I love it.

Does God do that to you too- where you think you understand a verse and He gives it a whole new perspective?

Have you ever photo journaled moments like that? 

What unusual items do you like to hang on your walls? :)

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