Monday, July 15, 2013

fiddler and the big to-do list {2 weeks before the baby comes!}

Have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? We watched it this weekend, and I can't believe I'd never watched it before! I used to detest musicals of all kinds {and still have trouble watching most of them now}, but I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that movie!! It was so funny! :) 

We made an event out of it. Saturday night, Rob was away, so I made mini turkey burgers to start the party:

I'm not sure why, but something about eating a tiny hamburger is extremely fun. :)

Ava, we've decided, is destined to be a vegetarian. She refuses to eat meat most of the time- she'll eat the occasional chicken nugget or turkey on her sandwich, but she hates beef, hot dogs, or ground turkey. Here's what her hamburger looked like:

mmmm, mustard and bread. Gotta love it.
She's the only one that doesn't like it {the others LOVE it}, but I try to go with it mostly, because who knows, maybe she has an allergy to specific types of protein? My oldest has always hated milk, and used to tell me milk and yogurt hurt his stomach, and he really does seem to be nearly lactose intolerant now at 9.

After baths, we had ice cream sundaes and watched the musical:

We found the movie on our big weekly library trip:

And after swimming Friday, we even scored free food at Chick-fil-A for dressing up in cow costumes. :)

We are trying to make the most of our last couple of weeks before the baby comes. :) I am finally ready for him to come around the house, and have officially started night-time preparation protocol, which means the house needs to be 90% ready for people to show up in the middle of the night. hahaha! :)

It's so much different preparing for a home birth- I have to make sure Rob knows where the crockpot, the sheets, and the birthing supplies all are, just in case I don't feel like telling him when the time actually comes. I have a feeling I won't be feeling very patient with giving multiple instructions in heavy labor... ;)

Oh, and with all that nesting motivation and extra time last week, the to-do list was completely done! :)
  • no internet/computer for 12 hours from Tuesday- Friday {Saturday and Sunday are usually way less time online anyway}
  • hang curtains in baby room + upstairs
  • assemble baby bed and bedding
  • buy baby mattress
  • clean out closet/drawers of clothes that won't fit me for a while 
  • hang baby decor
  • move/organize baby dresser 
  • hang big picture + 3 smaller ones
  • practice and launch BODYCOMBAT {so glad it's done!!}
  • take the kids swimming and to the library
  • sort/organize plastic bin of papers {I needed the plastic container, so the papers are in a stack on the floor- nothing like visual clutter for motivation!}
  • do a surprise outing with the kids  {barnes and noble!}

I did the 12 hour challenge last week, and did a pretty good job of following it. Friday, we were out of pocket so I missed my morning blogging time, and had to switch around my check-ins, and after a full day of swimming, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Chick-fil-A with 4 kids {mostly alone} I caved and opened my computer at 9 instead. It was a very long day! ;)

One interesting thing I've noticed- I apparently open my email and FB lots of times ever day! :) I'll find myself picking up and checking my phone quite a few times per day out of habit, but as soon as I realize it, I won't click on anything!  I really like getting all my internet stuff done before 10 the most though- it's very freeing to have already done and read everything I need to, and then leave it behind until later. I'm going to try to do it again this week! We are going to be super busy, so I'm sure it will be much easier anyway.

This week we have lots of meetings, appointments, dinners, parties, and stuff on the schedule, so I'm a little worried about having to suddenly ditch everyone if the baby comes, but I guess they'll understand. ;) 

At almost 38 weeks preggo, here's my big list of goals for this week:
  • Have a baby.
Just kidding. 

Kind of, anyway.

I really mentally can't get past that one today.  I really don't want to plan anything else, so I'm not making any other to-do list goals for the week.

I'm going to try to make it to and enjoy all of our plans and parties before the baby comes, feed the family {something, anything at this point!}, keep the laundry done, teach my fitness classes, and keep the house clean at night. All of that, I think, will keep me plenty busy this week! :)

What are your goals for the week? :)

What's your favorite musical? Anything like Fiddler I could watch in the next few weeks? {I loved the story and humor of the dad. :)}

Have your kids ever shown an early form of an allergy by disliking certain foods? Or have you ever had a naturally vegan kiddo? :)

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