Tuesday, July 9, 2013

my favorite IKEA finds this summer {2013}

Apparently nesting {for me} comes in the form of finally decorating my house and empty walls after three years. It's amazing how little I cared about decorating until I was very pregnant- then, it was like a switch turned on, and I had to finish everything. Ha! With that kind of motivation, I've been so happy to find some amazing home deals at IKEA in my style and price range this summer! :) 

Every time I go to IKEA, I'm more impressed with their selection of cute, cheap stuff. They have really gone more and more traditional, which is fun for a girl who decorates on a budget. :) 

Rob likes IKEA's modern style more, but I'm definitely more of Pottery Barn/ Restoration Hardware style girl with lots of splashes of color. :)  And it's even better when PB style meets Ross/TJ Maxx/Walmart prices at IKEA! :)

Here are a few of my very favorite finds from there this summer: 

I'm in love with this huge butterfly poster- it was 27x40 and only $12.99! 

It's so pretty! I'm planning to hang it in the living room on a big empty wall, but Emily from Jones Design Company used it in her laundry room and it looked great there too!

Almost all of my curtains have come from IKEA too, and I love them. Our ceilings are almost 11 feet tall, and all of our windows downstairs need 112 inch + curtains, which cost a fortune just to make! I have very, very slowly acquired curtains for each room, because I hate spending money on them.

But I'm so very glad IKEA sells these 118 inch curtains for $17.50 a panel. It's an incredible price- I do the happy dance {inside} when I can get pretty 9.5 foot curtains already sewed for me for less than $6 per yard! It's worth every penny, because I really, really hate sewing. I'm terrible at it. ;)

Another thing about our old house is that we have just three tiny closets in the whole place- so we've had to come up with creative ways to store food and random things like blankets, toilet paper, light bulbs and craft supplies. I love using IKEA baskets like these in the family closet/pantry to hold supplies and toilet paper:

 $12.99 at IKEA
When I saw this heavy weight floral fabric finally in stock {Solrun, $7.99/yd.}, I snagged a yard for a quick project, and the heavy orange/cream polka dot fabric is for the baby's room. It was only $3.99/yard! I'll show you a couple of super easy projects I did with them in the next few weeks! :)

I've fallen in love their $5 travel/makeup bags- they open very wide so you can easily reach in without digging around, and they're washable. I buy these to give as gifts because they are really nice to use and hold up very well:

And you wouldn't believe how excited I was to see they were carrying a new $19.99 area rug. I can't wait to put it in my office upstairs once it's finished. It's 4x6.5 or so, and it's so bold without being too crazy or modern. :)

This funky popsicle set was $1.99, and has already been put to good use a few times at our house. We freeze plain orange juice in them and the kids think they're getting a special treat. {I think OJ pops are kind of gross, but please don't tell them they aren't sweet enough! ;)}

I'm happy to say I'm almost finished with the pre-baby to-do list, thanks to good old IKEA! I got to knock out a few items in just a couple of trips! :) One of my goals this week is to hang that butterfly print on the wall. I have a feeling I'll have plenty of time to do it, thanks to the 12 hour challenge that starts again today! ;) 

Do you have an IKEA near you? 
Our is hours away, so it's always a special treat to go there! For me, anyway. For Rob, it's called special torture... ;)

Do you have to put hanging up pictures and other items on your to-do list too? 
If I don't, I'll never hang them. I think I must have a hanging phobia.

Anyone have a favorite healthy kid popsicle recipe to share? 
Mama needs something other than OJ hahaha!

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