Friday, July 5, 2013

pregnancy update {baby #5: 36 weeks}

Things are growing changing quickly around here, so I thought I'd do a full 36 week baby update! :)

How far along: 36 weeks {less than a month to go!!!}

Baby: Boy. A big boy. The midwife estimated by feeling him that he weighed around 6 lbs. last week. That's not too big yet, but it feels massive, for sure! :)
Weight gain: still average, and for the last two weeks, mostly in my torpedo belly and cheeks...hahah!
Maternity clothes: I'm definitely at the end of my regular wardrobe choices. I bought a black Merona top at Target this week for my uncle's funeral because I didn't have anything black that would fit. It's so comfy and long, I think I might wear it every day for the next 4 weeks. One day, I couldn't find two of my three pairs of shorts {all I have to wear these days besides my jeans that are too hot}, so I just sat on the floor and cried. :) 
Stretch marks: I did all that damage with my big boy {9 lb. 9 oz} Elijah 10 years ago. :) I haven't needed one since... ;)
The belly: is getting hilariously big! It depends on what I'm wearing, but early in the day it looks very, very round like this, and walks into the gym about a mile in front of me:
I imagine it's quite funny to see this belly working out {luckily I have to stay far away from the mirrors! ;) hehehe}. One lady touring the gym looked into the window of the studio while I was practicing alone this week and stopped and did a double take. I have a feeling seeing an 8.5 mo. pregnant lady doing BODYCOMBAT is pretty amusing! :)
Exercise: Still hanging in there with teaching classes. I find I have to get up slowly from the floor so I don't pull something! :) We launch a new BODYCOMBAT next week, and I don't jump too much these days, so I do the option in class when plyometrics or crazy ab moves come around. :) 
Sleep: Pretty much terrible in the last few weeks. My outer hips hurt like crazy at night and I spend all night tossing and switching sides so I can relieve the pain. I also fully wake up around 4 or 5 a.m. {after going to bed at 12}, and have to try to go back to sleep so I won't be so exhausted later on in the day.  Most of the time I get up and get ready, do my Bible devos, and work, and then take a short nap at 7:15. LOL. My body normally does this though- I can't usually sleep well for most of my 3rd trimester.
Best moment of this week: getting to ride with my brother and sister-in-law for 5 hours. They are fun, and funny too. :)
Miss anything: Running, push-ups, and desiring any particular food.
Movement: Much less than a couple of weeks ago- he's getting so much bigger now! He is all up in my ribs when I sit down.
Food cravings:  Other than lemon popsicles when I was sick, I haven't wanted anything specifically lately. I thought I really wanted a sushi roll the other day until I smelled it, and then poof, that craving disappeared. So many times I make food or I order food, and I don't want it once it's in front of me. Is it weird that I miss loving food? You'd think that would be a blessing. :)
Labor signs: The day is getting closer for sure! I can tell my hormone levels have started to come back up to get ready for the birth- I've cried 4 times this week for no real reason. Extra hormones + not sleeping is not a fun combo. :) I've also had way, way more strong contractions this week. The baby is much lower most of the time too.
Belly button in or out: Very out.
Wedding rings on or off:  Still on, and they fit better than they used to. ;)
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. Happy. Moody. Happy. Happy. Moody. Happy. All within five minutes.
Looking forward to: My diaper shower this weekend at Abbie's, and spending the last weekend for a long while without kiddos, who are staying at my mom's and loving every minute of it. I miss them a bunch actually, but going on a few dates alone with Rob before the baby comes is pretty special. :)
Comparison shots: He grew fast in two weeks!
left to right, top to bottom-19 weeks, 22 weeks, 26 weeks, 31 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks {whoa BELLY! hahaha!}

Preparations: We still haven't finished his room or set up the bed and dresser even, but if he comes I'll be okay with that! :) I am not thrilled about the actual giving birth part, but I'm ready to be done being pregnant and hot all of the time. :) And more than that, I'm ready to see this little man and hold his tiny little fingers and kiss his toes. :)

I've bought most of the supplies we don't get in our birthing kits:

But I still need to buy a thermometer, lots of snacks, and gather up several towels too to get everything checked off the list. :)

It's getting so close! I can't believe he's almost here already! I am taking every chance to nap while I can. :)

Do you have trouble sleeping in your 3rd trimester too?

What did you miss the most when you were at the end of your pregnancy?

What are you craving or your favorite food right now? {non-pregnant people please tell me too!!} I need ideas to trigger my food desire again...hahahah!

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