Thursday, July 18, 2013

thrifty outfits at 9 months preggo: Banana Republic, Gap, and Aerosoles

Did you ever notice there seems to be a greater selection of clothing at Goodwill in the summer? I’ve had much better luck thrifting lately! I've always said I think the best time to find good deals at thrift stores is during the spring and summer- at least here in the south, anyway. 

We like to clean our closets out in the spring, and our stores put more and more stuff out in the summer. Most of our clothes here in Texas are lightweight {year-round}, so my theory is that the excess that gets purged is mostly summer/light clothes, therefore the best finds here are found in warm seasons. You’d be surprised- the selection of sweaters and coats at GW is almost non-existent in Texas, even in winter {with good reason- who needs a coat you can wear just two times a year?}

I found this Olsenboye shirt at GW the other day for $3.99, and the belt is an old GW find for .99:

I found the shoes at GW too for $4.99- they are bow-tie leather wedges, and I’m now officially old because when I picked them up and saw they were Aerosoles, I was thrilled! Seriously, comfort is winning more and more as time goes on. My preggo feet LOVE them:

And those were regular $30 AE jeans {bigger size} I got with a gift card a few months ago that have been my absolute go-to this pregnancy. I really, really like them, and I’m thinking I’ll wear them after the belly for quite a while too.

Speaking of- the belly is full-sized these days. I wake up every morning amazed that it can keep getting bigger. :) On Sunday, I couldn’t find my trusty AE jeans, so in a hurry I threw these thrifted GAP jeans on to get to church:

I got them to button, but they were way too high so I couldn’t sit up straight without unbuttoning them. Note to self: NEVER again try to wear regular-waisted pants to sit in metal chairs for hours at 37.5 weeks. Owwww. I had to walk it off mid-way through church!

The good news is that at least the jeans were only $6.99, and the top was Banana Republic for $3.99! :) I hope I can wear it after the baby comes too- I really loved the color and style! :)

I love summer thrifting- it’s so much more fun than fall and winter. I had another fun GW trip with all the kids yesterday that I hope to tell you about next Thursday! :)

{oh, and I’m also hoping to post a few baby and maternity items for sale here at some point soon, so keep a look out! :)}

What’s your favorite brand of jeans ever? Why? Do share! {so I can watch out for them at GW!}

Hudson, Paige, and AE are my top three brands. They all last forever!

Do you notice a geographical difference in the selection you have at your thrift stores? i.e. north = more winter clothes?

So what do you think- does the fact that I’m loving Aerosoles and BR now officially mean I’m old or just wise? ;) hahahah!

I think the more children I have the more I love their traditional style…LOL! Someone hold me…I’m about to have 5 children, and I love Aerosoles, cardigans, and polyester that doesn’t have to be ironed.

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