Monday, September 16, 2013

fall is calling my name...

I'm sitting in front of a large fan with the air conditioner on right now, and it reminds me the tiniest bit of fall. It's the closest thing to fall we have for at least another month, but I love when October comes and the weather cools down a little! I'm hoping for a simple, fun fall that we can experience as a family- it would be so nice to relax and enjoy it all. :D

I don't decorate for fall or do anything special, but I love these free labels you can put on your used veggie cans! It seems like a great project for recycling our cans.

And is it weird I'm getting really excited about wearing my fall clothes again? I hope at least some of them will fit me by the time the weather cools down. :) I found this outfit on Pinterest, and I already have all of the pieces other than the earrings. :) It makes me happy when Pinterest reminds me of things I already own!

 from pinterest
Fall always makes me think of popcorn balls, hayrides, and fairs too. I have these popcorn balls on my imaginary fall bucket list:

And this chicken and dumpling recipe is also calling my name. When I was a little girl, I would request chicken and dumplings for my birthday dinner- that's how long I've been loving them. Mmm... :D

easy recipe I'm going to try from Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife
Even if I don't get around to making crafts, popcorn balls or any other fall foods {hey, those are all just for fun, anyway}, I am excited about one of the very best parts of fall at our house this year:

Ahhhhh. So much sweetness. :D

What parts of fall are you excited about?

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