Monday, May 12, 2014

a special weekend away for Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day weekend? :)

My gift for Mother's Day was a weekend night away with the kids. :) On Saturday, they took me to my favorite shops and they were all on their very best behavior: 

I usually go there just to browse around Anthro's ridiculously beautiful displays, but this time I ended up with a new volcano candle since my birthday one ran out long ago. :) Do you see the sign in this pic? They actually had 15% off for the ladies this weekend! {score!}

They did very well in the store, and we were all ready to go eat dinner after that excursion! :) It's always a challenge to feed our crew when we go out, so when we spotted a Fuddruckers on the way to our little rental, we knew we had to stop. :) 

It turns out, the 15% off my beloved candle was just the beginning of good things. :) We enjoyed lots of freebies this weekend! I loved having breakfast made for us for free with our stay at the suite/apartment/hotel thing- these scrambled eggs were amazing:

Our kids get the biggest kick out of buffets. :) They're pretty much in heaven when they get to pick whatever they want to eat.

The staff there even handed out Mother's Day chocolate at breakfast. :) They know how to speak a mother's language, I tell you. Even Zaner was eating fresh hash browns and loving it:

After breakfast, we were ready to go home {the baby didn't get the memo that mama would like to sleep for Mother's Day}, so we headed out for home, and on the way I had a chance to go here with this:

I haven't had Starbucks in the morning in forever. It was... very pleasant. ;) Like Anthro, I didn't need anything there but it was fun to shop around. {They are like the cheap version of Anthropologie in my mind!} I did find this super cute deep colander that we could use. We also stopped at GW {Goodwill} on the way home and I found a couple of items I hope to tell you about later on this week. :)

We finished out the weekend grocery shopping at Costco, and having a late night dinner using a gift certificate we had to Texas Roadhouse. It was a very full two days of special things. :)

Today, it's back to regular life, and the last couple of weeks of homeschooling are still ahead of us. 

I'm so thankful for a weekend away before we fight through the rest of May homeschooling. ;) It's getting easier and harder all at the same time. {more on that later too- !! :P}

How was your weekend?

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